How furniture transport works

For transportation you have several possibilities: if it is a piece of furniture you can opt for DIY, renting a van, but you can also contact specialized couriers. In this last case the times are slightly longer, around 7 – 10 days, depending on the distance.
In the case in which, instead, it is necessary to transfer the entire furnishing of the apartment, it is better to contact a specialized removal company . This must have all the necessary authorizations, such as registration on the National Register of Transporters.

The law is very clear about the responsibility in case there are no authorizations: there are consequences also for the owner of the goods, because we proceed with the seizure of the goods, according to article 7, paragraph 2 of the Legislative Decree 21 November 2005, n . 286: “The organs of traffic police (…) proceed to the seizure of the transported goods”.

Professional companies often do not accept these jobs because they only have large trucks and therefore they would lose us. Try also to contact websites specialized in the transport of small furniture or couriers.

Save with groupage
Some specialized companies offer the possibility of grouping several shipments with different senders and destinations, but within the same municipality: groupage or “groupage transport”.
Cost reduction is very significant and also less pollution is produced, but precision and attention to detail during shipping are required.

furniture transport

What are the phases of moving and transporting furniture?
It begins with an initial inspection, which serves the professionals to realize the conditions in which the work will take place and the volume of the furniture to be transported. On this occasion the movers take note of any difficulties in accessing your home, parking or specific features such as the lack of an elevator, in order to arrive prepared on the day of the move.