Transportation of furniture abroad for international removals

Preparing your furniture for international transport is a long and sometimes strenuous process, and given that all removal companies offer furniture disassembly, packaging and reassembly services, it is not absolutely necessary to take charge of these operations and is usually inadvisable. that many pieces of furniture and furnishing elements require a certain competence to be dismantled or moved. However, if you still want to personally follow the shipment of your furniture abroad, here are some useful tips:

1. Make a list

The very first thing to do to better organize the international transport of furniture is to make a list of everything that could be sent to the new home. This step is useful to make a first skimming of the furniture and objects that you want to bring and get a vague idea of ​​what you want to leave, then you will have to refine it and finally decide what to leave.

2. Identify and record any damage or defects

The most important goal of international furniture transport is to get your items to their destination in the same state they are in before they are shipped. Take note of any damage already present on your furniture and take pictures of any part that you consider “sensitive” and that you think could be damaged during transport.

3. Take the measurements

Once you’ve decided what you want to transport and what you want to leave, take the measurements of the furniture you want to send. You will need this both to calculate the volume in m 3 , which is useful for obtaining a more specific and detailed estimate, but above all you will need to get an idea of ​​how many boxes, platforms and other packaging material will be necessary for the transport of furniture international.

4. Request quotes to save

Sirelo allows you to request a quote from up to 5 companies specializing in international removals, so that you can compare prices and carry out the international transport of your furniture at the price that you consider most appropriate. Requesting a quote for an international furniture shipment is free and will only take a minute of your time.

5. Dismount all the furniture

Relying on specialized professionals is always preferable, and in a certain sense also economic, However, if you have decided to take care of this part of the move yourself, make sure you properly dismantle everything that can be disassembled, as this will allow you to better manage the capacity of the vehicle you will be using for transportation and therefore to save space for some furniture or extra item.

6. Packs and packs

With particular attention to not damaging anything and above all to make sure that nothing is damaged during the international transport of your furniture. Some important precautions can be: protect the corners of the furniture with corner guards, wrap fragile objects in the bubble wrap and fill the empty spaces in the boxes with polystyrene chips or air bearings, check the table below to find out what materials are needed and why.